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Michael Breedlove

As we enter our second year we would like to thank our customers and friends who helped make our first year so successful. By any measure, year one was an amazing year as we connected with a larger number of builders who gave us a shot at earning their business. We developed a line of more than 250 items that were high quality and well priced. In addition to the great products we think we did a good job on service. Our records show that we shipped nearly 100% of our orders complete within 2 days of receipt. Product quality issues were negligent and we received overwhelming positive reviews on both the products and the service. So thanks for trusting us. Here are some highlights of year one:

• MGB Guitars ( went live in early 2017
• We designed and developed the Box Bucker, a premium hum-bucking pickup made specifically for cigar box guitars
• We launched a line of USA made necks 
• We introduced gig bags made specifically for cigar box guitars 
• We designed and developed the Mini Box Buckers, a surface mount, flat hum-bucking pickup
• We went to free shipping on all orders 
• We introduced a line of fret-boards made from both standard and exotic species
• We introduced a line of USA made strings
• We introduced a line of bass parts
• We developed a line of six string parts including necks and a Mini Box Bucker for six strings.

We are not backing off in year two. Recently we found it necessary to upgrade our eCommerce platform. The new service will be much improved both for you the customer and us the supplier as it will give both better tools to get our work done. We trust that ll have made the switch over and if you have any problems just let us know.

Thanks again for year one and we really do appreciate having you as a customer.

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