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This high-quality MGB guitar neck is ready to be installed on any 3 or 4 string guitar! Simply drill your tuner holes, install tuners, and add to your guitar body! We paid extra attention to detail when designing this neck for easy tuner installation.

  • Locally sourced Oak
  • Approximately 37" long, 1 1/2" wide and 3/4" in thickness
  • Extended paddle style headstock (L:5 1/2" W:3 3/4" Thickness: 5/8")
  • Our necks fretted and slotted base on 25.5 scale guitar neck
  • Pre-fretted with 20 frets
  • Designed for 3 or 4 string builds
  • MGB tuner ready 5/8" thick headstock
  • 15 degree headstock tilt
  • Extra long tail (25.5" scale bridge point pre-marked)
  • Handmade in Florida, USA by a Veteran

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    Strength: The body of the neck is constructed of high quality, locally sourced, durable oak wood. We used top rated wood glue to attach the neck to the headstock, and placed the scarf joint is on the headstock for additional strength.

    Convenient Design: We designed our necks with the builder in mind. Our headstocks are 5/8 inch thick and MGB tuner-ready! No need to recess your tuners. Simply drill the necessary holes and install. Neck with paddles are extra large at 5-1/2 inch long & 3-3/4 inch wide, giving you the flexibility to cut the headstock to any desired shape.

    Frets/Scale: Our necks are 25.5 inch scale w/ 20 pre-installed frets. Our extra long tail enable you flexibility to be installed on whatever unique guitar body you may have in mind for your neck build.

    Variations: Being the nature of wood the grain patterns will be different from each neck. This makes each its own personal design. Occasionally there may be a bit of back-bow. We do not use heavy bow wood. When using extremely lightly bow make try our best to bow back and not forward. This is better when string tension is applied.

    Finish: These are unfinished necks. You need to cut, drill, and sand and/or veneer for your desired effect. These personal effects make it your own neck.