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Beautiful High Quality Maple

  • 0.25 inches thick
  • 18.5 inches long
  • 1.73 inches wide at the narrow end
  • 2.26 inches wide at the wide end
  • 25.5 inch scale length
  • Suitable for 3 or 4 string applications

    Perfect for builders who want to build their necks but want a precisely made finger board. Board is .25 inches thick, 18.5 inches long, 2.125 inches wide at the narrow end and 2.625 inches wide at the wide end. Board is set for 25.5 inch scale and is suitable for 3, 4, and 6 string applications.

    Made of genuine maple, all boards were hand selected for premium color and grain pattern.

    Check the length of the fretboard at the 12th fret, it should measure 12 3/4 inches. Trim as needed.

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