02. Don't tread on me

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02. Don't tread on me

02. Don't tread on me


Year: 1910-1930s  

Description: 4 String Violin

Dimensions: 18 by 6 inches

Body: Invincible? cigar box, 8.5 by 6.5 by 2 inches

Scale Length: 11 inches?


This is an excellent example of a hand crafted instrument. The cigar branding and caution marks are barely legible. The form of the caution notice on the back is typical of the marking requirements beginning in 1910.The box is very fragile and nails have been added along the way to replace the failed glue joints. The neck, finger board, tuning pegs and tailpiece are clearly hand carved. The fingerboard is quite rough. The hand painted snake on the back is an outstanding piece of art that mimics the rattlesnake in the Dont Tread on Me Gadsden flag of the revolutionary war.

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