07. Kentucky Belle Violin

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07. Kentucky Belle Violin

07. Kentucky Belle Violin

BuilderJ. R. Bugg

Year: 1919

Description: 4 String Violin

Dimensions: 22 by 5 inches

Body: Kentucky Belle cigar box, 9 by 5 by 2.5 inches

Scale Length: 


From Bill:

Was made in 1919 by a Mr J. R. Bugg. The cigar box itself is made from a whisky barrel as what the company Kentucky bell was starting to do a year before this instrument was made. 6 years after this was made swisher sweet bought out the company. This has the same framing as a violin does a sound bar down the bass side along with a sound post  behind the feet of the treble side also has the scale length of a full size violin so no having to find out the positions again. It is a blast to play and is a great eye catcher.

Hello i saw the terms and loved the fact and the idea that this is going to a museum. I can fallow its origin to the person it was made. I will hand write that history to where it will be presentable. Any other questions please ask.

 I can also give the history on the cigar box itself. Ever heard of the cigar company named swisher sweets? Well 6 years after this was made they bought the company out in 1925 and are still in business to this day.

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