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MGB Guitars is proud to introduce its Fattso guitar body kit.  Measuring roughly 14.5 inches by 11.5 inches the kit includes a 1/4 top panel, two ¾ inch thick center rings and a 1/4 inch bottom panel that includes pilot holes on the back side should you wish to mount with screws. Approximately 2” in depth/thickness. Shaped like a iconic guitar this blank box provides a perfect canvass for creating your own piece of art. The body includes a unique neck socket on the back end that facilitates the alignment of the neck on neck through builds. This kit works perfectly with the MGB Super Neck.

    • Veteran Made in the USA
    • Roughly 11.5 inches by 12.5 inches
    • Includes a 1/4 top panel with a cut out for a 1 ½ inch neck, two ¾ inch thick center rings and a 1/4 inch bottom panel
    • Approximately 2” in depth/thickness.
    • Includes pilot holes on the back side to mount with screws
    • Plywood construction with birch veneer

    Note: Sanding & Assembly of this kit is required. 

    Assembly Tips for the MGB  Body Kit:

    To assemble the 2 inner rings, we recommend applying a generous amount of wood glue on the top of the "inner bottom" layer, apply the "inner top" layer over top of it, and use several clamps to tightly hold in place. Be sure to wipe any excess glue away. Let the glue dry fully before removing from clamps. 

    If the cigar box mosaic look is something you are interested in, this is how we lay it out. After you decide where each piece is going to be placed, use wood glue to apply to the top.  

    The back panel is lined with pre-drilled holes so that you can screw to the inner rings. You can wood glue the back as well if you prefer not to use screws, simply flip the back panel over so that the pre-drilled holes are facing inside and out of view.   

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