Video: How to Install an MGB Resonator | Learn'n & Build'n with Michael Breedlove

Video: How to Install an MGB Resonator | Learn'n & Build'n with Michael Breedlove

Michael Breedlove

Founder & Owner of MGB Guitars & Parts Supplier Michael Breedlove goes over how to use MGB's resonator template to efficiently install a resonator into a cigar box guitar body.

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Video Transcript

so let's talk about some of the important things about installing a resonator installing a resonator is really a very precise operation on a lot of the other things you do you have a little bit of a wiggle room because some of those components can be adjusted for example a normal bridge has a lot of adjustment if you get within a quarter of an inch you can adjust it and get that scale length right you don't have the same flexibility with a resonator there are some things you can do with the neck but for the most part you need to be pretty precise let's talk about this here's a little tip get some shelf paper buy it at Walmart just plain old white shelf paper what I've done is I've covered this box because again it's very critical that I know exactly where I'm going to put this comb I've got a neck here and again it's inch scale length so what I've done is I'm mount I'm sliding my cover on to the neck taking my tape measure I'm measuring down and I'm putting a mark at and a half because that's the scaling and a half inches then I used my squares I drew a line perpendicular across there I have a center line running up the center so I know that exactly at that point right there at the intersection of those two lines is exactly where I want the center of that cone now there's a little bit of wiggle room and we'll talk about it but it's very critical that we know exactly where that location is and it's exactly and a half inches away well the next step is cutting that out cutting that hole out and we are offering the tool going to have it available on our website that we think will make that easier and what it is is basically a template and the template has a couple of guide marks and again if you've marked your lines you can simply lay this template on there line it up there's holes here holes here and then we're going to adjust with the side holes with the side marks and so now based upon these marks I now know exactly where that resonator cone should go and I come in hold us down and I mark it and now I've got the hole that I need and by the way for a six-inch resonator cone the hole needs to be about five and a quarter inches so you can come back now however you want to cut this maybe you have a jigsaw maybe you have a handsaw maybe use the dremel tool there's a lot of different ways of cutting this hole you can cut it file it sand it and get it perfectly round so it would look basically like this drop in your resonator cone and you're good to go one thing to keep in mind these lines here are really helpful because what that could do is again the way these covers are made you can now line up a top and a bottom and that'll get it in the center this way you can line up these holes over here and that will get it lined up this way drill your holes and that will make sure that the resonator cone is centered right over that Center mark that's very critical thank you very much keep in touch let us know if we can help you thank you