California, Fontana, Airam’s CBG's, Maria Campos

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California, Fontana, Airam’s CBG's, Maria Campos

Airam’s CBG's

Maria Campos

Fontana, California

A native of Southern California Maria has lived in Fontana for the past 32 years. Her passion has always been in the arts since she was a kid. In her teen years she use to hand paint signs for small businesses. Then she graduated to painting murals, cutting tiles into beautiful mosaic art pieces, designing logos, and building small furniture. In 2019 she discovered her greatest passion where she can combine her love of music, art, and woodworking all in one package. 

It all started with what she thought was a one time gift of an acoustic cigar box guitar.  Then someone asked if it was electric....and she thought "oh have to try one." From there it was instant love to make these...though many say it’s an addiction....and she says it is!! 

Many hours of research was done to learn how to make these unique cigar box guitars. She joined many groups where she continues learning everyday from the talented members. She was honored to be invited to be part of Michael Breedlove’s MGB Guitar Company’s group and where she buys her guitar parts from. 

Maria now transforms ordinary cigar boxes into beautiful one of a kind guitars and ukuleles.  A  lot of time goes into each build to make sure each one plays and looks like an art piece and is made with the best of materials and electric components. 

She is very excited for the future as her head is constantly filled with ideas for the next project.  You can find her on Instagram @airamiam65 where she posts her more recent creations.