Nebraska, Creighton, Hummingbird Guitars, Jesse Thomas

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Nebraska, Creighton, Hummingbird Guitars, Jesse Thomas

Hummingbird Guitars

Jesse Thomas

Creighton, Nebraska


 Hailing from Creighton, Nebraska, this adventurous soul has a passion for creating art and an unconditional love for all types of music. In the last 40 years, Jesse Thomas has lived all over the country. He now resides in Randolph, Nebraska, and is a self-employed carpenter.

  Around 2015, Jesse felt the redundant boredom of general construction and wanted to take up a hobby that would keenly reflect his innovative nature. His first three builds were solid body six-stringers. Each of them were lacking precision and fundamental luthier elements. Soon after, Jesse acquired an old cigar box that was left in his father's attic. Great subject matter! He soon realized that he really didn't have to follow any certain rules..... and there was a large community of like-minded builders world wide, that draw their own lines and create beautiful, functioning works of musical art.
  Since then, Jesse is constantly learning and growing. He has created an unknown number of instruments, with each one being different from the last. With museum submissions and media coverages under his belt, Jesse is an up and coming luthier, who loves to put smiles on peoples' faces.
  Although Jesse uses parts and hardware from many suppliers, he is a very proud customer of MGB Guitars and Parts Supplier. Through Michael Breedlove, Jesse has met and become friends with so many talented luthiers world wide. He is very excited to see what the future holds for this group and will continue his own journey with confidence.
  With plenty of instruments in his inventory and the willingness to provide customized products, he hopes to one day turn his dream into reality, by building homemade stringed instruments for a living.