Texas, Rockdale, Shadow Wolf Guitars, Jeff DeWeese

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Texas, Rockdale, Shadow Wolf Guitars, Jeff DeWeese

Shadow Wolf Guitars

Jeff DeWeese

Rockdale, Texas

(512) 429-2909

Let me introduce J. Floyd DeWeese, Luthier, designer and builder of stringed musical instruments. His workshop is located next to his home in Rockdale, Texas. where he repairs factory made instruments and builds Cigar Box Guitars, custom ordered CBGs, custom bodies and necks, Lap Steels, and whatever you can envision.

Since his retirement over 11 years ago his hobby has turned into a full time obsession. In his words: "You have to love what you do to enjoy it. An instrument has got to feel right to you in your hands. It has to sound right to you to make you want to play, want to practice. Just have fun, relax, try different things and feel good. Enjoy Music, Enjoy life, Experiment with different tunings, Try different techniques and find the sound that pleases you!".

As a builder he knows a good quality instrument needs quality parts. That is why he uses only four suppliers and is proud to say that MGB has never let him down
on parts, products or advice.

You can contact him at jfloyddeweese@gmail.com, or visit the Facebook page at Shadow DeWeese. If you would like to speak to him directly you can call him at (512) 429-2909.