Nebraska, Lincoln, Smoke’n’Strings, Brent Kasl

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Nebraska, Lincoln, Smoke’n’Strings, Brent Kasl


Brent Kasl

Lincoln, Nebraska
Brent Kasl has lived in Lincoln NE his entire life.

Recently retired along with his wife Kay, I started designing and building Cigar Box Guitars about eight years ago in 2013 after watching a YouTube video and exchanging ideas with fellow builders.

Although a few four string CBG’s have been made, I like to focus on three string, with a focus on single coil pickups over piezo about 4:1.

I enjoy the creativity of each build, focusing on what the graphics are on the box then to coordinate neck and fretboard woods from oak, maple and poplar. Once the word was out a local was building custom Cigar Box Guitars, over 40 Padron boxes were available to me for future builds, along with visiting local cigar shops.

Some of my builds have been used locally at Church Praise bands, and have also commissioned both a three string CBG and matching amp to the Ramone family from the famous East Coast band The Ramones.

With the help of partner MGB Guitar parts supplier, inventory for parts is never a problem, and it is exciting to try different ideas from his catalog.

When not developing the next custom CBG, I spend time with my longest hobby Sunbeam Alpines, grandkids, and traveling with wife for pleasure and the occasional festival with booth loaded with Cigar Box Guitars.
I just recently started building Cigar Ash Boxes to make use of boxes that are not a good fit for guitars.

Contact me at or FB page Smoke’n’Strings for details on a custom build or select from inventory that always has 20 ready to play, display and enjoy.