South Dakota, Spearfish, Beetle Tune Guitars, Richard Rutherford

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South Dakota, Spearfish, Beetle Tune Guitars, Richard Rutherford

Beetle Tune Guitars

Richard Rutherford

Spearfish, South Dakota
Hello fellow music lovers.

When asked if I play a guitar, my answer is: “When I play and sing, my wife leaves the room and the dog begins to howl!”. So I stick to building cigar box guitars and other handcrafted instruments. All of my crafted instruments are built with acoustic electric pickups or full electric. They will never compete with the sound of a Taylor, Martin or Gibson guitar, but when plugged in to your amp, they sure sound sweet. And even when not amplified they have sound plenty good for your living room or the back porch.

I have been building instruments for the last 6 years, and have built guitars, banjos, fiddles, mountain dulcimers, diddley bows, and bass guitars. Several have been personalized for a client, with their favorite photo etched onto the guitar body. Whatever you choose, the instrument that I build for you will become a cherished family heirloom making music and lookin’ good hung on a wall.   

E-mail me to talk about an instrument you’d like. I can ship anywhere in the USA and for a further look, visit my website.