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This kit does not include a box. This kit includes all the items needed to build a 20 (see note below on intonation) inch scale electric U-Bass. The neck is made of Okume and the fret board and bridge are made of Walnut. Polyurethane strings are provided as well as a bone nut that is fitted to the strings. The neck includes a hanger bolt for mounting to the box. The minimum box length that can be used is 12 inches and a box that is 13 inches or longer is recommended. Make sure to reinforce the box and we suggest using a 27093 reinforcement plate.

The heavy duty tuners are made specifically for this type of instrument. Unlike other tuners  you will need to disassemble the tuner to install it in head stock. Remove the screw, gear and axle before installing the tuner body. Reassemble and and add washer and ferrule. Tighten with a 15mm wrench. Normal string winders will not work and we suggest you use our 24010 winder which will accommodate the oversized knobs on these tuners.

Due to the mass and size of the strings we have found that a scale length of 20.3 inches works better for intonation. The strings are anchored on the bridge using knots on the inside of the box. Our 41003 template is available for aligning and positioning the bridge. The bridge can be glued to the box however we prefer using screws and finish washers. When the bridge is installed the string clearance holes can be drilled through the box top.

The electronics package includes a compensated piezo pickup, preamp/equalizer, tuner and battery box.  Included are template/trim rings for mounting the components. The battery box uses two 2032 (not included) round batteries which are installed positive side up. A plug will need to be installed in the jack for the tuner to operate. Tune to EADG.

Check online for videos on installing U-Bass strings. 

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