MGB Fat Bottom Guitar Body Kit

$45.00 USD

MGB Fat Bottom Guitar Body Kit

MGB Fat Bottom Guitar Body Kit

$45.00 USD

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Note: current Fat Bottom kits do not include the neck notches.  MGB Guitars is proud to introduce its Fat Bottom guitar body kit. This is the same body that MGB has used to create his unique cigar box mosaic guitars. Measuring roughly 12 inches by 16 inches the kit includes a 1/4 top panel, two ¾ inch thick center rings and a 1/4 inch bottom panel that includes pilot holes on the back side should you wish to mount with screws. Current product does not include the slot at the top. Approximately 2” in depth/thickness. Shaped more like a traditional guitar this blank box provides a perfect canvass for creating your own piece of art. Check out the gallery of pictures to see what Mike and others have done with these bodies.
    • Veteran Made in the USA
    • Roughly 12 inches by 16 inches
    • Includes a 1/4 top panel with a cut out for a 1 ½ inch neck, two ¾ inch thick center rings and a 1/4 inch bottom panel
    • Approximately 2” in depth/thickness.
    • Includes pilot holes on the back side to mount with screws
    • Plywood construction with birch veneer

    Note: Sanding & Assembly of this kit is required. 

    Assembly Tips for the MGB Fat Bottom Body Kit:

    To assemble the 2 inner rings, we recommend applying a generous amount of wood glue on the top of the "inner bottom" layer, apply the "inner top" layer over top of it, and use several clamps to tightly hold in place. Be sure to wipe any excess glue away. Let the glue dry fully before removing from clamps. 

    If the cigar box mosaic look is something you are interested in, this is how we lay it out. After you decide where each piece is going to be placed, use wood glue to apply to the top.  

    The back panel is lined with pre-drilled holes so that you can screw to the inner rings. You can wood glue the back as well if you prefer not to use screws, simply flip the back panel over so that the pre-drilled holes are facing inside and out of view.   

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nicely made by vets , I’d buy again from MGM , great quality . Marines 72-74

    Rob Spurlock (CQR CBIGs)
    Great for the “Traditional” Look

    I’ve been wanting to build one of these kits for a while now. I finally bought two of them in order to build a baritone ukulele and a tenor guitar. If you want a “traditional” looking guitar, this kit is for you. It works really well with a bolt on neck, however a through body neck can also work. Glue the inner rings together first and then glue them to the top. The inner rings are really rough cuts of wood, so they will need a little wood filler and lots of sanding in order to get them smooth. I recommend using the option to screw the back on, especially with finish washers. This gives you the ability to remove the back if you need to access the inside, plus you can lay it flat without damaging the finish. Pair this body with any MGB neck, but may not be suitable for uke kits shorter than the tenor. Add the optional set of inner rings for more depth (now if MGB would make the plain top and back additional separate purchases [hint, hint]).

    Great for an ES-125 style guitar

    I made a great ES-125 style guitar with this. Used a 2" x 3/4" spruce bracing board along the length of the body on the bottom and used the same spruce to make a custom pocket to add a bolt on Gibson style 6 string neck. Added a tune-o-matic bridge, a short trapeze tailpiece, 2 small floating humbuckers with the metal tabs removed glued onto the top, 1 each volume and tone controls. Nice small body, incredibly light, great electric sound and get decent acoustic tone with the f-holes.

    John Wyckoff
    Excellent Kit

    Lots of design options with this Body Kit. I made an oak block inside with a bolt in neck. To finish the side off smooth I used wood filler and sanded smooth, primed and painted the body. Your only limit is your imagination. Looking forward to the next one.

    candy purple with faux binding

    I loved this build. This was my first build and I bought it to construct with and for my dad. Sadly he passed before we finished. I was however able to complete it the way he wanted. The kit along with the videos on the MGB website made building the guitar simple for a novice. I'd love to make more.

    It's candy purple with faux binding.

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