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Steve Arvey is no stranger to the Cigar Box Guitar world. He has been playing CBG's since 2008 and has made quite a name for himself all over the world.

Steve has traveled all over the world countless times playing Major Festivals and was signed to Warner Brothers Records International in 2005 where he appeared on a CD with Jack Johnson, REM, George Thorogood and Bo Diddley.

In 2012 Steve created The Delta Swamp Rats that created the Mississippi Delta Funk Sound using a wide array of Cigar Box Guitars that was influenced by John Lee Hooker, Son House, Tommy Johnson.

Low Down, Screaming, Funky Slide to Sweet Harmonic Tones played on Cigar Box Guitars. He has been playing CBG's for years and has toured the world for years playing many festivals. He was just in Cuba performing these instruments on a cultural exchange program.

Steve started working as a sideman on the Chicago Blues scene in the late 70's playing bass guitar, guitar, and drums behind such Blues Legends as Hubert Sumlin, Jimmy Rogers, Big Smokey Smothers, Homesick James, Andrew Brown, Lefty Dizz, Big Moose Walker, BB Big Voice Odum, Detroit Jr., Lovie Lee, Carey Bell, Big Jack Johnson, Sam Carr, Frank Frost, Lester Davenport. Eddie Taylor, Sam Lay, Eddie Clearwater, Sugar Blue, Abb Locke, Hip Linkchain, Sammy Lawhorn, Jr. Wells, Sammy Fender, and others.

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