18. Tabacos Selectos Flor Fina Fiddle

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18. Tabacos Selectos Flor Fina Fiddle

18. Tabacos Selectos Flor Fina Fiddle


Year: Unknown

Description: 4 String Fiddle

Dimensions: 20 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches

Body: Tabacos Selectos Flor Fina cigar box, 6 by 11 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches

Scale Length: 


From Bill:

Jeff Williams old lady's attic find

Here is the info Jeff sent me regarding the fiddle: The woman who sold me that cigar box fiddle lived near Oolagah, Oklahoma. There's a lake there, and it's rural exurb ranchland that's a little bit north-northeast of Tulsa, near the Kansas border. Lila and I drove up to take delivery - it was close enough, and I didn't want to trust her shipping it. We met in a store parking lot. She was an attractive, prosperous looking woman, maybe early 40's, driving a late model SUV, if memory serves. I have the impression she was a ranch wife - not sure why, maybe she had that horsy vibe? My father's family is fairly well to do, socially prominent Baptists originating around Ardmore, Ok. She would have fit right in at the family reunions. Or Santa Fe, New Mexico, for that matter. (Unlike myself. I'm a textbook southern black sheep type) Anyway. She told me she found the instrument, wrapped in a sheet of newspaper from 1929, while cleaning out her grandfather's house after the old guy had passed away. Unfortunately, she had thrown out the newspaper because it was "nasty, and was covered in roach droppings."

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