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This bridge is a "top-loading" style, which means that the strings are fed through the back plate of the bridge, then up and over the saddles. No drilling through the instrument/box is required!

The dimensions of these bridges are 1 31/32" (50mm) wide, 1 5/8" (41mm) deep and about 9/16" (14mm) tall. The spacing between strings is 12mm (0.472", just under 1/2") with total distance from string 1 to string 3 being 24mm or 0.945" - just under 1 inch. Each one is mounted securely by four screws, and a small allen wrench is also included for adjusting the small set screws that control string action height. See the listing photo with measurements (in millimeters) for more size specs. Basically, these get used like any bottom-loading electric guitar bridge (like those on telecasters and such). You screw it to the top of the instrument, and the strings come up through holes in the instrument body (usually with a ferrule of some sort on the back to hold the string ball), and then up and over the individual string saddles. The saddles can be adjusted by means of a screw at the back of the bridge to get the intonation just right, and small set screws at the front of each saddle let you set the string action height. Overall it is fairly straightforward.

  • Perfect for 3-string cigar box guitars
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Antique Brass finish
  • Individually adjustable string saddles
  • Mounting screws and allen wrench included
  • Top-loading