03. Whitmoyer Build

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03. Whitmoyer Build

03. Whitmoyer Build

BuilderJ. S. Whitmoyer

Year: 1916

Description: 4 String Violin

Dimensions: 24 by 6 inches

Body: Unknown cigar box, 15 by 6.5 by 2 inches

Scale Length: 


From Bill  Jehle:

Acquired from Tony Hyman… this long body WWI era violin, the only I've ever seen this size, is very unusual. Built on a cut-down (made thinner) NW 250 with 1910 tax stamp, this has 4-strings on a factory neck. Originally, this violin included a sound post held in place by a length of string. The string and post have since fallen out of place. Inspecting the interior of the cigar box reveals the name of the maker and a curious note about where the box was "got" from. "This Violin is made by J. S. Whitmoyer,  Ononto Rossville PA. This box was got at I. C. Buddy Slabtown PA."

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