37. Counsellor Guitar

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37. Counsellor Guitar

37. Counsellor Guitar


Year: 1940

Description: 4 String Guitar

Dimensions: 27 1/2 by 6 inches

Body: Counsellor cigar box, 6 by 8 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches

Scale Length: 


From Bill:

DESCRIPTION: Here is a genuine old and completely handmade cigar box ukulele or guitar. This is the real deal and absolutely guaranteed to be old. It is as-found, so it is going to need a some work.

DETAILS: As you can see, this instrument was made from a genuine cigar box. The original tailpiece, nut, and bridge are still intact. The tailpiece appears to be made from an old lid from a can. The cigar box is made from wood, except the back which is cardboard. The neck is very crudely hand carved, but is quite solid where it joins to the cigar box. The neck angle actually looks pretty good if strings were to be installed.

CONDITION: This one is just as I found it; dusty and dirty. The back of the neck appears to have 3 old bug? holes which have been patched with some type of hard material. The crudely carved neck has a twist. Three of the original hand carved tuning pegs have broken off and are stuck inside the peg holes. The paper covering on the cigar box is in rough condition and some pieces of the paper are missing and peeling. This old instrument has overall heavy wear and tear.


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