10. Uncle Enos Banjo

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10. Uncle Enos Banjo

10. Uncle Enos Banjo

Builder: Unknown

Year: 1910s

Description: 5 String Banjo

Dimensions: 25 by 6 inches

Body: Unknown cigar box, 9 by 6 by 2 1/2 inches

Scale Length: 18-19 inches


From Bill  Jehle:

The best example of an Uncle Enos style banjo. Instrument is very fragile due to age and has several cracks on cigar box… According to Tony Hyman (of the National Cigar Box Museum), the box used dates 1910-1915. Dr. Hyman originally owned this cigar box banjo and sold it to Shane Speal who eventually sold the Cigar Box Guitar Museum to Bill Jehle... Even not knowing exactly who or when the instrument was made, it has quite a provenance just from the recent owners... From an email Jan 23, 2011 from Tony Hyman: "Hi Bill, Thanks for the nice comment about the banjo's provenance from me through Shane to you. Nicely done and appreciated"

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