05. AHB's Violin

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05. AHB's Violin

05. AHB's Violin


Year: 1889

Description: 4 String Violin

Dimensions: 19 by 5 inches

Body: Vindicator by F.H. & Co. cigar box, 9 by 4.5 by 2.5 inches

Scale Length: 11 inches


From Bill  Jehle:

The second oldest instrument in the collection, this old violin is initialed and dated by the builder: A.H.B. '89"… In 1994, Shane Speal commissioned world-renown luthiers, Jeff Hostetter and Amy Hopkins to restore the violin to a fully playable condition. In the process, it was converted from 3-strings to 4. Two years and many shop hours later, it was returned to Speal, strung up and ready for the concert stage.

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