North Carolina, Dallas, BR Primitives, Brian Revels

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North Carolina, Dallas, BR Primitives, Brian Revels

BR Primitives

Brian Revels

Dallas, North Carolina

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Brian Revels is a jack-of-all-trades type fellow who started his working career as a Graphic Designer and Artist who eventually found his way into the realm of Software User Experience in combination with Yearbooks. Brian was born and raised in a North Carolina city called Gastonia, a short distance from Charlotte.

Brian tried learning to play guitar on a cheap, kid size, parlor guitar at age thirteen. It wasn't until he received his first electric guitar at age fifteen that he actually learned to play.

After playing for several years, in a handful of different bands, he foolishly stopped playing for a number of years after getting married and starting a family. Brian missed playing guitar and playing with bands. Around 2012 he ran across a guy making and playing Cigar Box Guitars on YouTube. Since then Brian has been making and selling various stringed instruments under the brand BR Primitives (amounting to over 150 instruments to date). Thinking he couldn't sell anything that didn't sound and play well, this forced him back into playing guitar again. No longer being an artist/designer building guitars also gave Brian access to a creative outlet he had since lost.

Brian has had guitars on display at the National Blues Museum in St. Louis, as well as other museums and establishments in the US. You can find his shop on Etsy under another brand where he sells fun and eclectic home furnishings. You can also find Brian under hashtags #eclecticfun or #brprimitives on Instagram and "brprimitives" in a search on Facebook.