North Carolina, East Bend, Flintwood Guitars, Evan Hinshaw

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North Carolina, East Bend, Flintwood Guitars, Evan Hinshaw

Flintwood Guitars

Evan Hinshaw

East Bend, North Carolina
Flintwood Guitars is an instrument builder based out of the small town of East Bend, NC. Starting as a hobby building cigar box guitars, Flintwood Guitars now specializes in affordable small folk and electric instruments using sustainable easy to fine woods like red oak.

Keeping in the spirit of cigar box guitars, most of the Flintwood models are equipped with three to four strings.  For example, the Flintwood Heritage is a four-string electric with a box body like a cigar box but has an oak and maple construction.

Evan Hinshaw (founder of Flintwood Guitars) is in an americana folk band called The Catchlight Project.  As lead guitar player, he plays and showcases a lot of Flintwood standard models and other custom designs.  

Evan Hinshaw also hosts a YouTube channel to showcase new Flintwood builds and offers tips and tricks for building primitive and cigar box guitars.