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Easy to assemble kit includes everything needed to build a 3 or 4 string license plate guitar, using your favorite 6x12 inch license plate.

Kit includes:

  • Reinforced Sapele body specifically made for license plate builds. The body is reinforced and machined with necessary mounting holes for adding components.
  • Kit includes Super Neck. See here.
  • Lucky 13 pickup with harness ready to install. Pickup has double sided tape and can be mounted on the back of the license plate near the neck.
  • Hardware includes tuners, strings, stainless steel tailpiece, knobs, strap pins and screws.
  • An oak bridge that may need to modified to fit around the letters to obtain the preferred action height.

 Assembly is easy:

  1. Mount harness/jack assembly to box. Feed black ground wire through small hole where tail piece mounts. 
  2. Affix pickup to back side of plate.
  3. Install tuners on headstock, use a small amount of super glue to secure the Rosewood string spacer on at the end of the fretboard just beyond the zero fret.
  4. Mount neck on the body using reinforcement plate and hardware.
  5. Mount plate to box using screws and finish washers.
  6. Install the tailpiece.
  7. Install strings and only tighten lightly.