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Available in 3 and 4 string models, these new MGB Pitch Benders can add a new dimension to your CBGs. Includes all of the chrome finished components and hardware needed. Also includes a template to provide accurate location and sizing of hole for the bridge and locations for mounting screws.

Critical steps for installation:

  1. Use the template (included) for accurate lay-out of holes. Make sure to line up the box center line and scale length line. 
  2. Secure anchor block (2 1/2 x 4  inches) to inside of lid. It should meet with edge of hole. The bridge screws will need to go through the lid and into the block.
  3. Do not over tighten screws that secure the bridge. The bridge must lay flat against the box, see pic. The bridge will need to pivot to shorten the strings and bend the pitch.
  4. Anchor the springs to provide tension, you can use the spring bracket or install screws in the anchor block. Our experience shows that stretching the strings about 1/2 inch from the normal state provides the right tension. This tension will will keep the bridge flat and allow tuning. Bending the bar will further stretch the springs and allow the bridge to pivot.
  5. The 3 string uses two springs and the 4 string uses three springs.
  6. The strings are bottom loading so access through the back of the box is needed.

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