Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Smokehouse Jones Guitars, Steven Jones

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Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Smokehouse Jones Guitars, Steven Jones

Smokehouse Jones Guitars

Steven Jones

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Steven has been playing blues, especially slide guitar, for 25 years. He typically does not build the same guitar twice, so that each customer receives a unique instrument. Working out of a small garage not far from Route 66 in Oklahoma City, he prefers using reclaimed wood and scavenged and repurposed items. When it comes to guitar parts, he relies on MGB tuners, pickups and other MGB specialty pieces for his guitars.

"MGB has always had pickups with beautiful, rich sound. It's amazing to attach one to a modest little cigar box and suddenly hear a clear, singing guitar voice, or that whiskey blues growl," Steven said.

"The other builders I've met through MGB have taught me a lot. They're fantastic friends and mentors. I'll sell you my guitars and battery-powered amplifiers for sure, but I would also encourage anyone to go build. I will never stop building."

After only about a hundred builds, Steven's guitars have found customers as far away as London, England.