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In some builds it is preferred to place the pickup under the lid of the box, this practice is often referred to as "ghosting". Many builders have had good success using the MGB Mini Box Buckers for these applications.  MGB is proud to introduce our new single coil Point Five O flat pup designed for ghosting. Make sure the magnets face the strings. 

By adding more wire and strengthening the magnetic field we have a solid solution. These new pickups are a single coil version of the Lucky 13 pickup. They only have one coil and  measure 6.5 k ohms plus, thus the name Point Five O or .5. We have found in testing that the pickups work well when the distance from the pickup to the strings is .5". 

Measuring 2.56" by 1.6" and .3" thick, these pickups can be used on 3,4 and 6 string builds. Works with our 6 string Boxbucker covers.

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