South Carolina, Travelers Rest, _ , Scott Koegler

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South Carolina, Travelers Rest, _ , Scott Koegler


Scott Koegler

Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Being bored and having a set of skills can lead one in a wide variety of directions… not all of them good. But building cigar box guitars is an appropriate use of my time and talents. Check out some of the CBGs I’ve made and what I’m working on.

CBGs are great fun and I hear great music being played on them. And the variety of
designs is staggering. That being the case, I’m working hard to make my offerings both great sounding and different. At the moment I’m working on combining two of the technologies that I’ve been exploring that I think will make my CBGs stand out and offer great customization options.

I’ve collected a bunch of fret marking designs including Jerry Garcia inspired, Moon Phases, Doves, and others. But even more important is that I can take your designs and put them on your fretboard. The markings are laser-burned.

Just so you know, I’m not publishing this as a ‘how to’ site because there are plenty of those being updated by folks with lots more experience, so check with them if you’re interested.

But if you just want to enjoy playing a beautiful and well made CBG, let me know. I’m happy to send off one of my ready-to-play designs or customize one to your specifications.