Arkansas, Bentonville, Tommy The Greek Guitars, Tom Karounos

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Arkansas, Bentonville, Tommy The Greek Guitars, Tom Karounos

Tommy The Greek Guitars

Tom Karounos

Bentonville, Arkansas

Tom has always found a way to be creative, he has a full time career in food innovation, has acted in theater since he was 13, and continues to work with community theaters in musicals. He has moved over 20 times in his life, and finally settled in Beautiful Bentonville Arkansas.

During Covid, the arts shut down, and after re-building his deck, he needed to find a new hobby. He bought a Cigar Box guitar and fell in love. He built his first one, and found that he needed some help. He met with a luthier with 38 years of experience and started building his functional art. He showed a few friends, and then word of mouth began to spread. He now has guitars sent from Maine to Southern California.

Tom specializes in more custom pieces with Amps or themed guitars built from Cigar Boxes and Antique Cheese Wheels. MGB Guitar company is his primary supplier, and Michael Breedlove is always quick to answer or supply any remedy. His supplies have allowed Tommy The Greek’s guitars to grow. It’s an honor to be invited to share some of his work on MGB’s site.

You can contact Tom at if you have any questions.