Texas, Austin, Voodoo Instruments, Dave McCaffrey

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Texas, Austin, Voodoo Instruments, Dave McCaffrey

Voodoo Instruments

Dave McCaffrey

Austin, Texas


Voodoo Instruments is a Cigar Box Guitar manufacturer and distributor, owned by David McCaffrey, a resident of Austin Texas and talented Musician, Luthier and Cigar Box Guitar Builder specializing in production of handcrafted instruments such as the Dobro (Resonator), Acoustic and Electric Cigar Box Guitars, Amplifiers and Stomp Boxes.
All products are guaranteed and "Made in the USA".
Dave McCaffrey, is a licensed Building Contractor, educated as an Architect at St. Petersburg College of Clearwater Florida and vocationally trained and skilled as a Luthier, Woodworker, Guitar Repair Service Technician and Cigar Box Guitar Builder.