Washington, Graham, Artful Axes, Arne Shields

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Washington, Graham, Artful Axes, Arne Shields

Artful Axes

Arne Shields

Graham, Washington

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Hello, my name is Arne Shields. I've been building cigar box instruments since 2016, when I finally conceded that I was never gonna be a rawkstar.

I never before had any woodworking inclinations, but my grandpa built and sold hundreds of decorative windmills in his retirement years and his business was inherited and carried on by my mother when he passed. I in turn inherited these tools from mom and tried my hand at building CBGs, which has become somewhat of an obsession. Every guitar is an experiment, a learning experience, and a unique piece of handiwork.

Many have called what I do art, hence the name Artful Axes. Also, whenever I play one of my creations someone inevitably hollers "What is that artful racket? I can't hear myself think! Turn that artful ----- ----!". Their words are usually indistinguishable by this point (thanks to the awesome pickups from MGB!), but I assume they want me to turn it up. Done and done. You're welcome.

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