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Looking for an economic pickup with some real power? This little single coil packs a lot of punch into a small package. Measuring 2 3/4 by 3/4 by 3/8, it's easy to install, cut a small slot in your lid, glue the pickup in the optional cover and mount with screws. Feel free to experiment. Connect to our Volume/Tone/Jack Harness and you have a great electronics package at a very reasonable price.

With your own mounting ideas. The pickup checks in at 9K and will provide a really big sound at a reasonable price. Suitable for 3,4 and 6 string applications.

  • 9K Pickup
  • Single Coil Pickup Measures: 2-3/4" x 3/4" x 3/8"

  • Pickup Audio Sample: MGB Seven Fitty Screamin Pickup Audio Sample on CBG

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