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JG's CBGeez


Owner: John Garver

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/JGsCBGeez/

Email: jsgarver63@yahoo.com

About: One day I saw an article, ...around 2013, on the growing popularity of the ukulele. So, I was doing a little online research when I came across a post of an old 1930’s DIY magazine about building your own ukulele (or guitar) in your spare time on the weekend using a cigar box. I was intrigued. I acquired a wooden box from a local tobacco shop and went to work. I employed the help of my father who, at the time, had a garage full of woodworking equipment. Long story short, it didn’t turn out so well and I shelved it in the closet. Fast forward to about November or so, 2015(?). I had bought a ukulele from a music store. I was still intrigued with building one. More research guided me toward the cigar box guitar boom. There were (are) websites, YouTube videos, pictures, diagrams, anything and everything you could imagine to help you build a CBG. I un-shelved my original attempt at making a ukulele and set to work. Every one I build presents new challenges.


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