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This kit includes everything needed to build a Mandolin except for the body. The neck is Okume with a Walnut fretboard. Binding and face and side fret markers are included. The scale length is 13 3/4 inches. The neck also includes a truss rod. A compensated and adjustable Walnut bridge is included along with a chrome tailpiece. Tuners and a truss rod cover are included.  Four pairs of stings are provided including .012, .016, .026 and .032 sizes. Tuning is GDAE.

Note: Keep in mind the tension created by 8 strings is substantial, all boxes will need additional reinforcement to handle the added stress. Make sure the top where the neck is connected is thick (close to 1/2" is ideal) and rigid. You will note that two hanger bolts are used to provide and solid connection between the neck and the box.

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